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"With every hardship comes ease" ring

The SM size is made to fit ring sizes 5 - 6.5. The ML size is made to fit ring sizes 7- 8.5. 


With every hardship comes ease.

The idea that, after every dark day comes the daylight, has been expressed by many poets over our time. The weapon this mantra speaks on is our shield: patience. It can be very easy to become demotivated or give up, when we are going through difficult times. However, with our shield up, we can remind ourselves that these dark times will soon pass, helping us not get overwhelmed - Waterproof, Sweatproof, Heatproof - ideal for everyday wear.


18K Gold | 925 Sterling silver - No rust or tarnish 





"With every hardship comes ease" ring

22,00£ Prix original
14,74£Prix promotionnel
  • Packaging: All our pieces come in our Zidouri velvet drawstrings. If you would like to include a gift box please add this to your cart

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