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Every sun shall set pendant

Every sun shall set!

The idea that, after every dark day comes the daylight, has been expressed by many poets over our time.
However, the opposite can also be said, with the same effect. We are quick to vocalise that the hard times will pass, however, the good times pass too.

Initially seeming like a cynical outlook on life, it is actually a very optimistic outlook; everything passes, so do not get caught up too much by the negatives and don’t let the positives get to your head.

Remain patient with all the changes. What a perfect reminder for the phase we are going through now!
Remember Abstract V1 drops this Friday with our custom collection releasing shortly after!




Every sun shall set pendant

35,00£ Prix original
21,00£Prix promotionnel
Colour of Necklace
  • Packaging: All our pieces come in our Zidouri gift box free of charge. If you would like to add a note to your gift, please leave it in the notes to seller section.

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