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"Blessed Strangers" T-shirt

This collection drop stems from a notion of identity. Often we feel like strangers amongst the world. In fact, the reason why Zidouri was founded was because we felt like strangers. We felt like we didn’t belong and needed to be represented.

Statement غرباء translating to “strangers” across the front or back scattered into individual letters rather than being written in the traditional joined Arabic. This is to showcase individuality as each stranger is a stranger in their own sense. It’s also a simple way of writing Arabic in a stranger way. The colour combinations aim to bring out an unusual clash of colour, to again emphasise the stranger aspect


This item has a delivery time frame of 5-15 working days (Monday to Thursday)

XS 34/36"

S 36/38"

M 38/40"

L 41/43"

XL 43/45"

2XL 46/47"


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"Blessed Strangers" T-shirt

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